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IBM/Lotus Notes is so much more than just an email package. It is a Rapid Application Development platform (RAD) that can automate virtually all of your business workflow processes. I have extensive experience in designing, building and implementing custom Notes/Domino applications to fit business needs. Discussion, tracking, and automated workflow are among the types of applications that can be quickly built with Notes/Domino. I have experience building applications for office and workplace environments in such fields as general office, legal, medical, manufacturing/distribution, and government. I also have developed value-added Notes/Domino applications to assist in Domino implementations.

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Why Use Lotus Notes?

1. Integrated Collaboration

2. Built for Business

3. Business-Grade Security

4. Unparalleled Mobility

5. Platform Flexibility

Why Use Domino?

1. More Features

2. High Availability

3. Higher Security

4. Platform Flexibility

5. RAD
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