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In the spring of 1981, as a college freshman at Indiana Central University (now known as The University of Indianapolis), I took a 4-week class called 'Ferroequinology - Study of the Iron Horse' taught by physics professor Dr. Edward Vondrak (now retired). In the class, five fellow students and I learned about structural physics, basic electricity, and paying attention to detail through the exercise of building model railroad layouts. After the course was completed, Dr. Vondrak submitted an article to Model Railroader magazine detailing the course and our layouts. This is the cover of the issue of Model Railroader that contains the article about my first modular layout, as built in that class. It was published in June of 1982. This layout still exists, but is not currently in running condition.

June 1982 Issue of Model Railroader
To see "Ferroequinology at ICU - 1981 version", CLICK HERE.

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