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Table of Contents

Preface: Volhynia A brief background
Chapter 1: Gottlieb and Wilhelmine (Thielmann) Schaedler
Chapter 2: Gottlieb and Wilhelmina (Gersonde) Schadler
Appendix A: Family Tree Outlines
Appendix B: Listing of Family Surnames
Appendix C: Known Burial Sites of Family Members
Bibliography of Sources
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  History of the Gottleib Schadler Family  
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The Schadler name was changed when the family of Gottlieb Schaedler immigrated to the United States. Research has verified that each name contained in these web pages is a part of the families descended from Gottlieb Schaedler. Therefore, names used in this history have been entered as found on the respective discovery documents for each respective person. Possible variations found include; Schaedler, Schadler, Schedler, Schoedler, etc.  The spelling of each name may change within a given summary as I am attempting to retain the integrity of the sources for future genealogical research.
NOTE - This compilation of family history is an ongoing endeavor.  If you have verifiable corrections to any mistakes or omissions in my findings, or information you wish to share, please contact me at the email address provided below.

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